Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Good Friday!

Today is shaping up to be a beautiful and sunny day! My little guy has been sleeping for a while which gave me the opportunity to check my e-mails, visit over due blogs, SHOWER (for a long time!!!), drink my coffee and do a little scrapping!

As we built a new house two years ago, the landscaping is yet to be finished. So...last year we seeded grass in the fall...I hope that it works and the grass starts growing soon! The dogs come in from their run with mud stuck in between their toes - it takes me forever to clean off their feet - and the mess it creates makes me very annoyed and anxious (I am a clean freak )!!!

Can't wait to start planning out our veggie garden! We are not sure where we are going to put it though as we have a lot of trees on our lot. The fresh air and the beaming sun makes me want to be outside all day and get started! I also want to start some pots with fresh herbs in them and grow them on the deck. I think that I would use them lots in my cooking and having them close on the deck would be fabulous. Does anyone have any ideas about how to start herbs, types of pots, soil info, etc? I have never grown herbs before and will need a little guidance I am sure.

And...another thing we want to do is start a compost pile. I have heard that it is super easy, but takes a few years before you can actually start using the soil it produces. Again, does anyone have any info on where to get the best containers or how to have the waste in your house without making your kitchen smell (before taking it outside daily)? Man...lots of spring and summer am I going to juggle it all??!!!

Also, I am creating a new class for The Urban Scrapbook. It is a summer/vacation/travel mini album that is created using envelopes! It is super cute and has lots of slots for journaling, pictures and tags! I am using the Imaginisce Scooter's Vacation is very cute. Although there is a dog in most of the paper, one does not have to have pets to use it! Here is a sneak peak...should be finished within the week!
Enjoy the beautiful day and thanks for looking!

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  1. I agree with being anxious to spend time outdoors! The kids are outdoors most of the day now. phew!
    Check out the John Janzen Nature centre for composting. They offer classes that are short and give you a discount on a good container and tool for turning the compost. The classes used to be free, not sure if that has changed.
    Can't wait to see your finished album!! Those colours are awesome.