Monday, November 8, 2010

Another few layouts...

Finally did some scrapping for myself! I organized a private crop group and our first night was on Saturday. For about 7 hours I only got 2 layouts done! Too much talking and eating (lots of good food!)...was very distracted!

Here is a LO I did of Shea. He looks super glum in the pic, but he really was happy, playing with his stackable blocks. They had just fallen over....the camera caught his facial expression just perfect! I glimmer misted yellow on the blue cardstock, using circle cut outs to leave some blank spots. Then I just grabbed some random stuff from my over flowing and ever lasting stash...I like how it turned out!
For halloween I dressed our little guy up as a bear. Pat, our good friend, gave him this toque as a baby gift when he was born. It is brown fuzzy with little bear ears on top. It is so adorable! Not only did I use it as part of his costume, but it kept his head warm too! He didnt really understand the whole point of trick or treating, but he was on a mission to walk ahead of everyone else we were with! He even tried to go in peoples houses once they opened the door for him and his friends!!! So cute!

I used the Bo Bunny line...thought I would never buy it but it looks so cutsey with this picture!

I have more to post....tomorrow maybe! Keep checking back too - I have a few classes that I am working on. Should be finished soon and posted at the Urban website. Thanks for looking and have a great week!


  1. Jody,

    Your art work never stops amazing me! And that baby nephew of mine is super cute. Can't wait to spend Christmas with you all! Save me some cards to buy off you. Need to restock!

    Love you lots

    Your sister!

  2. You have such a cute little model for your pages :)

  3. You do have a signature style. Love your classes. Happy holidays

  4. Love the photo in the "why so glum chum?" layout!
    Happy Holidays!