Friday, January 7, 2011

Super cute little man

I just had to share these photos with you! My good friends Dawna and Jay gave our little man this air pilots helmet not too long ago. We keep it on his dresser as we don't want him to play with it all the time - or break it. But, the little guy has been getting braver and taller and can take it off his dresser himself. I found him the other day wearing it and trying to walk around with it....however it is so heavy for his little melon that he had a really hard time! He does love it though and enjoys playing with it often. Thanks Dawna and Jay for the great gift!!!

Onto a different topic...there is a cool 52 week challenge over at MCP Actions blog. It is inspiring and challenging to just take photos, of stuff, for yourself, that don't make sense, that do make sense, that you enjoy, for no one else, that you wouldn't normally take. Check it out and play along...should be a great time!

Take care and have a great day!


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