Monday, September 24, 2012

With time

I had a fabulous weekend cropping with some wonderful and fabulous scrappers at The Scrapbook Cottage Creative Gathering Crop in Stienbach.  This was my first time attending and since I'm fairly new to Winnipeg, I didn't really know anyone there.  I taught a few classes and saw some familiar faces from my classes that I teach at the store, and then met up with some people from Brandon that I knew from when I lived there!
Thank you to my good friend Sherri who invited me to sit with her and her scrappy friends - they are fabulous, crafty and inspiring ladies.  I hope that we make a habit of getting together to scrap and share our creativity.  

While having some great chats and discussions with Sherri, I realize that I am missing a lot in my life.  I need to spend more time with God, family, friends, a good book, my dogs, my hobbies....the list could really go on.  Sometimes I feel disconnected from the world and usually I do this on purpose based on my "real job".  But in reality, I find that having lived in Winnipeg for over 1 year now, I really haven't seen or done a whole lot.  I need to expand my horizons, get out there and meet new people, go to the library, take a cooking class, reconnect with my faith....
I need to start with small baby steps as these challenges seem HUGE to me, but I know that I can get there.....with time...

So I will leave you with this card I made for LCOM Card Sketch.  I used Crate Random line - one of my all time favorites from them.  I never usually make round cards, but this one turned out great I think.  Feels great to try something different!
Have a great week everyone - enjoy the beautiful weather!



  1. Looks Great Jodi !!! It was nice to see you again as well...... I am sure our paths will cross again in the scrapbooking world!


  2. Hey you, this Sherri friend of yours sound pretty fab, lol. Seriously though, I can so relate. I think we all find ourselves there at various seasons in our lives. And it really is just a season, I promise. Although my life is full, I would love to remain connected with you. It just takes a little planning, and persistence. I'm game if you are. And speaking of cropping with my friends again. There's a little 'house crop' being planned for a Saturday in November. Let's chat and I'll fill you in. {{hugs}}