Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crochet Flowers

I adore all the crochet flowers that are out and about in scrapbooking stores and on peoples altered items and much that I thought I would try making some myself!

I dug through all of my crafting stuff and found a big box of yarn, needles, patterns and crochet hooks! My aunt Noreen has sent them to me as they were my grandmothers, who was a very talented artist in all ways. As I was one of the only grandchildren that ever learned how to crochet and knit, I got them! Some are super vintage and beautiful! My Grandma Ina taught me how to knit when I was about 10 years old. From there I started making mittens for all my friends...oh she had such great patience with me!

From there I learned how to crochet and made a huge affgan for my boyfriend at the time (now husband)!!! A red and white one - to match his favorite team the Detroit Red Wings of course. But now I have a better use for my semi talent of crocheting...FLOWERS! There are some great tutorials out there and if you are interested, check out this one here. Roxanne, a very talented scrapbooker and good friend sent this to me yesterday...and the flowers are amazing! Good luck everyone! I will show you some of my creations soon!



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  1. Jody....I love your blog! The pictures of my baby nephew are priceless! I love him and miss you all dearly! I can't wait to spend our week together when you come home in June!

    Keep up the good work on your layouts. You are an amazing artist! Grandma Ina would be proud!

    Love you lots!....your SISTER...(you know ...the one you forgot in your