Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My scrappy friend Sherri was over the other day and we got
 to talking about inspiration from other scrappers.  I believe artists and crafters work hard to create projects that they love, have meaning and inspire others - therefore one should be given praise for what they make and how it has perked another crafters imagination and spirit.  
At the same time, there are so many trends out there that it's difficult to pin point certain ideas and styles.  For me, my style changes often.  I usually create messy, layered items, however I also like clean, simple pieces.  I enjoy changing it up every once in a while...helps me to grow as a scrapper.
I also like to try new techniques and keep up to date with the latest trends.  Does that mean that I "took" someone's idea and made it my own - or just that I was inspired by someones talent and showed it mixed in with my own....this is such a tough call because it IS HARD to know where one gets the idea if it's EVERYWHERE in the scrappy world - like accordian flowers, mini envelopes, embossing, etc...they are so pretty and many, many people use them - so who do you give credit to???
There are some obvious things that need to be acknowledged though...
such as sketches, challenges and lifts....these should be, in my opinion, given credit to those that have worked hard to create these things. 
With that, I leave you with a LO that I created, getting inspiration from my good friend Pat Carson over at Everything Happens For a Reason.  She created a LO of her daughter and I loved how she used blank space near the bottom, the ruler and the mini Pat - thank you for your talent and inspiration - I love your work and am thankful to know you and be one of your "followers"!

I want to thank all those wonderful crafty ladies in the world that have inspired me throughout my scrappy career...all the talent, techniques, colors, challenges, sketches and product has helped me to create all of my projects and grow as an artist and a person.  
Your talent is truly appreciated!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by!
BTW - your comments always bring a smile to my face!



  1. Very cool layout, Jody! Definitely lots of inspiration to be found here! :)

  2. Great post Jody! That's really a tough question...

    LOVE your layout! Love the tiny little photo among many large and small embellishments. Oh, and I love all the white space!

  3. You already know I love this, great post too.