Friday, April 25, 2014

Creative Scrappers Birthday Cake!

On Fridays Shea, Sarah and I are home all day and so I'm always trying to find things that are fun to do with them (well Shea as Sarah just sleeps right now!).  So I decided, in celebration for the Creative Scrappers 6th Birthday and to play along with the blog hop, Shea and I would make a birthday cake!!!

He can be such a ham-bone when I want a good pic of him though.... - and yes it's a cake made from a box - but the icing was homemade and is amazing!!!

He needed to watch the cake bake...

And this is the result!!!  So excited to bite in....actually right after the picture I did!!!

So happy birthday!  Hope it's a great celebration!


  1. i love that you did this! thank you so much xoxo and wish i could have a piece! looks yummy ;-)

  2. Glad you guys had
    fun baking this cute
    Carla from Utah

  3. How fun!! Happy Birthday CS!

  4. I bet it is so YUMMY!!! I Love cake!! Not so sure it loves me though LOL

  5. I loved this cake! Yummy!!!!

  6. Ah love it.... Happy Birthday CS :D