Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Monday???

Today I had to take my little guy in to get his 6 month shots...I hate these types of days. He did pretty decent though considering he already wasn't feeling well with a cough, cold and snotty nose. He is a trooper that is for sure!

I attended a fundraising crop on Saturday in Spruce Grove put on by Scrapbooking Fanatics. It was to raise funds for Haiti. All the proceeds were donated to the Red Cross. My goal was to complete three LO in 11 hours...which I thought would be pretty hard for me as I am a slow scrapper...but I did it! Here are two of the LO's that I completed.

For the red flower above, I took about an 18 inch lenght of 2 inch ribbon and folded it in half width wise. I then just started rolling it together using glue dots every few cm. It is super cute and turned out great. I used glue dots on the bottom to secure the ends and attach it to the paper. A glue gun would work great too. Try this with a wide ribbon of your favorite color and see what happends!

On another note...have you registered for the breast cancer crop that Urban Scrapbook is having on April 30th, May 1st and May 2nd? There were only a few spots left when I was in the store today so you better call and sign up quick! There is going to be some great prizes and giveaways as well as some raffels for some amazing products! The food is going to be outstanding...I think that Lori may be cooking for at least one of the evenings...she is an amazing cook - you are going to love it!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday although I know that it is just the beginning of the week!

Eight more days until the sun here we come!!!


  1. The layouts are beautiful... I hope you had a great time!
    We need to crop together at the store!

    Is that your sister with you in the top photo?

    I linked your blog from mine, I hope that's okay!

    Can you please teach me how to make the pretty blue flowers?

  2. Aw! I remember taking my girls for their shots. I hated it. I think I cried more than they did!

    Awesome layouts!